Selection Process crew went to work in South Korea
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Selection Process crew went to work in South Korea

Selection Process crew went to work in South Korea

      Before you want to put a crew exiting fishing vessels to work in South Korea, there must be a partnership between a company and one of Vietnam of the Korean company. So there must be a contract signed between the Company and Korean agents. Based on this agreement we have a legal basis to bring the crew exit.
      Exchange contracts signed with Korean partners based on contracts signed form is attached to security procedures.
The contract must clearly indicate the responsibilities and interests of each party to the contract, and also to demonstrate the benefit of seafarers working on board fishing vessels.


      Process sending crewmen working in fishing vessels when we signed the contract with the foreign partner, the need to recruit crew members to go to work. And want to hire the crew went to work, the Centre must sign contracts with intermediary companies, also known as the management unit for the units will offer pre-qualification and crew for formal recruitment center. Centre may also recruit seafarers freedom, but freedom from crew members without management of any company so as to make things happen, it will hardly matter on what grounds to solve. Especially if the crew escaped. This signed contract is called "contract and selected links of crew". As with contracts signed with foreign partners, signed contracts with local partners must ensure something like the responsibilities of each party or the cost of the boat before exiting ....
     Contracts linked and crew recruitment were signed in the form attached by the process.

      After signing the contract link and select crew, and after management unit prequalification registered seafarers to cruise South Korea, the company will combine the management units to conduct a selection crew. Number of crew recruitment will offer Korean partners if any orders.
      Careers crew will split into two types of crews. One is new and two crew members are experienced seafarers. Often when employers will hire experienced crew so easily recruit new crew members and when there is an official order from the new foreign partner recruitment.
      When hiring experienced seafarer labor should play for a form "Register commuter Korean fishing vessel". After finishing the labor hire any company admitted will be disseminated to employees scheduled time exit costs before going and if the crew agreed to enroll will collect the passports of crew members.


      Once you have crew after the recruitment process in the management units are conducting contacts with the partners to identify the line. Orders will be depending on the season to rent a field crew, squid or tuna ....
      Because companies in Vietnam registered sending crewmen fishing vessels should also plenty of finding genetic line will be frequent. Must ask Korean agents constantly on the information of the order. If partners have a new order that did not keep in touch so that they look to other companies, the center will lose an order.
      After receiving the order of partner requests crew then pay attention to the content of the order. Is keen to see that line partner request and need something? As recruiting seafarers for ships importing country ?, what ?, ask how experience working on board ?, how ?, contract many years? ...


     After receiving orders from South Korean counterpart and thorough research must be conducted in order to carry out procedures for submission to the Department of Overseas Labor Management approval. In the Department to review records to ensure the following required documents:
      - Registration of contracts (2 copies).
      - Orders of partners (with translation into Vietnamese).
      - The contract signed between the Company and South Korean counterparts (with translation into Vietnamese).
      - The model contract concluded between the crew members and the Company.
     After preparing the dossiers, carry out the Director of Administration to sign then will move to Administration foreign labor.
     Process Pending average contract clause 2 weeks will get.


     After having received the written approval of the Administration orders overseas labor, the initiation of the ship level.
     View crewmen source of how much the company has met the requirements of the partner not. If the source is not enough crew to meet the requirements of partners, they must call on the management unit where he was contracted to find the crew.
     When contacting the dealer must quickly because orders will be partners sent a lot of different companies, so if you slow it will not get the crew. And also note that when the crew received a passport, they must ask. Only the crew was granted a passport, in case of not holding the passport must ask the passport unit considered how it can surely not? ...
     Once gathered, proceed crew do the inventory for the information and complete the information of the crew members as well as the experience of the crew.
Then send it to partners for Korean partners for ship owners.
     In the process of waiting for the results to be in regular contact with Korean partners. The purpose of the communication is fast results avoid partners will forget his crew or if your crew is not selected, I can grasp even give orders to the other, to avoid crew awaits will often lead to discouragement and do not go. On the other hand the communication partners need to see what information like name of the mother’s labor or to send health workers as well as the required number of crew members window ...


     When Korean partner sends the results to the company, they must check the names of crew members, crew salaries to reaffirm the partnership if any parameter wrong or improper wages. Then proceed to announce the results of matriculation into management units.
     Announced in the unit must also specifically inform the public boat crew ever ?, they leave or enter any port and seafarer’s salary paid by the shipowner how ?. And will communicate with the unit to complete what is lacking as records, passports, photos ... in the shortest time.
     Along with that is in contact with Korean partners to take flight schedules and papers related to the exit.


     After agents Korea informed the crew would exit the company, they will contact the ship owner to make a booking for the crew.
     Once finished, put the ticket agent will send the exit schedule of seafarers on. When the agent sent it includes the following basic documents:

     - Calendar exit of seafarers
     - Electronic ticket.
     - Visa of seafarers, this depends on where the entry of seafarers to see what visa required. Often when entering in Korea or ARGENTINA crewmembers to conduct visa interviews at the Korean Embassy in Hanoi or ARGENTINA.
If a visa at the Embassy of South Korea, the need to prepare the following documents:

        Profile of the company’s legal English.
        Fill out a visa form fom the Korean Embassy.
        Copy contracts between companies and partners to send orders.
        Original passport and crew photo books.
        Visa Letter of Guarantee of partners send.
        Bring 30 USD visa fee.

If a visa at the Embassy of Argentina is preparing the following documents:

        Fom visa application under the provisions of the Embassy.
        Certificate not infected Sars
        Original passport, passport photo and crew photo books.

     With the visa in the Embassy of the above two, after the filing is complete if the embassy requested to interview crew members must concentrate crew to interview (usually the Embassy of Argentina is only required crew interviews) .
     If crew members entry visas in other countries, then the crew will be partners sent by fax to the company or Mail.
     If you get a full range of papers on the crew can exit it.


      Upon receiving the flight schedules of partners sent from Korea, proceed as notified concentration crew to send the crew management unit. Each management unit Centers are contracting follow a general pattern but should own terms as well as focusing to rely on the terms and mechanisms of each contract to the specific notice.
     In announcing focuses crew must ensure some basic information:

     - Date and time the focus at the center.
     - Name of ship and port names will enter the train crew.
     - The cost of carrying crew while the focus in the company.

   Some information about the cost of the crew when exiting:

     • Mortgage anti-evasion:

                  * If the entry in Korea: 2000 USD
                  * If the entry in other countries: 1000 USD

      Mortgage amount also depends on the anti-evasion Center signed contracts with management unit. If the contract stipulated a mortgage against evaded in Management Unit, the crew will be filed there. If the contract stipulated payment at the Centre, the crew will carry out the Center for filing.
      If you pay your crew against hiding sheaves accept Center, the two parties will jointly sign a "mortgage agreement against evasion", then each party keeps one copy and the money will be deposited in banks and the boat Water park will repay the principal and interest calculated at the interest rate on demand deposits time paid crew member at the center.

        Deposit: 7,000,000 VND(will return the crew after finishing the contract)
        Management fee: First year salary deduction, the second year equal to a month’s salary before signing labor.
        Fees do exit procedures at the company: 3,000,000 VND

      Notification must ensure the information on the new crew can best prepare before the Centre for exit.


      After sending is complete concentration notification, proceed as crew notices to exit calendar manager directing the departments of labor in preparation for departure. Also make informed cost-accounting department sent labor levy.
      When the focus is labor labor manual labor contract. In the labor contract will stipulate wages of crew and have the cost of the crew, the crew noted that carrying out the record amount that was not brought out in the not written to, avoiding the boat case Members do not pay at companies that recorded in the latter when the contract is completed on the water will be very difficult to solve. And completed the procedures necessary documents in the dossier. Then manual labor to pay at finance. Done, the notification schedule for labor and employment advice needed to prepare food during flight to ships entering and bags, shirts and hats for labor.
     In the process of preparing for the exit, they must labor to prepare dossiers for labor exit. Exit records to guarantee basic documents:

        Passport and crew books.
        Papers and letters of guarantee from abroad sent.
        The company’s letter of guarantee.
        Guiding questions for flight.
        Customs declaration.
        A declaration to enter the country (If seafarers entering Korea).

      This preparation is essential for involving workers exit or not.
      After preparing the procedure, proceed to buy insurance for the crew. Coverage of seafarers mall company Bao Hanoi Vietnam, and duration of each insurance is 3 months and after three months to repurchase. The purchase of this insurance will end when the crew completed the contract for water, crew escape, or crew members were forced to water because it does not meet the job.


      After completion of all procedures for employees in the company, see schedule to conduct labor brought to the airport. Before sending laborers to the airport will take a moment to tell the flight schedules of several leg and workers through these countries, while at the airport waiting to happen ..., this is also essential with labor especially new workers not to go any time. At the same time the necessary paperwork for the employees to carry during flight including:

        Its visa and letter of guarantee entry of the company.
        The "Certification of shipowners", when the country needed labor to shipowners paper sign that water and record the reasons for it some other content.
        Telephone number of the center, to the problems, the crew can contact the company.

      Then take the airport workers to carry out procedures at the airport.
      Airlines have procedures before two hours should be the basis of labor hours to put the airport on time.
      At the airport after finishing the procedures found passports, airline tickets crew books for labor and the labor reminding again. Then take the labor out of customs examination room to check. Note to wait until labor on the side of the door means customs inspection procedures. The purpose is so that if the crew members have problems also handled promptly.


      After putting for flight crew finished back office, they must inform the partners knew that workers were exiting to partners also advise shipowners to greet employees.


      After completion of the introduction of seafarers working on board fishing vessels Korea must be conducted on the crew window to exit later when crew members in the water or in the process of working on a problem occurs ships will enjoy easy to find the document records relating to labor and simultaneous filing of labor.


      Moral right track and capture the arising problems to solve for labor. During the work on the ship, they must do to send shipowner INVOICE transfer of labor wages.
      After completion of contract labor on the domestic labor as they met at the airport.
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